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TOPIC atoz
Euthanasia 54
euthanasia 44
Church of Euthanasia 24
abortion 10
ERIC Archive 7
Right to die 7
Suicide 7
Death 6
suicide 6
Auschwitz 5
Chris Korda 5
Eugenics 5
Genocide 5
Nazi 5
World Forum for Religions and Cultures 5
president 5
Droit à la mort 4
Ethics 4
Euthanasie 4
Nikiphoros 4
america 4
electro 4
genocide 4
news 4
pro-life 4
teachings 4
techno 4
Abortion 3
Assisted suicide 3
alex 3
bush 3
carl leth 3
conspiracy 3
cyprus 3
dada 3
david 3
death 3
development 3
disaster 3
eugenics 3
food 3 3
hurricane 3
illuminati 3
jack kevorkian 3
jones 3
mercy killing 3
obama 3
pandemic 3
parenthood 3
philosophy 3
planned 3
podcast 3
rockefeller 3
secret 3
sustainable 3
talabani 3
terrorism 3
'assisted suicide' 2
'bioethics' 2
'euthanasia' 2
'yale' 2
2010 2
A teenager may be able to make this kind of decision 2
Actor's Halloween costume catches fire 2
Annoying way this article is written 2
Anything is fair game for humor 2
Are they going after her for the big ass as well? 2
Are they white knighting the big ass gals as well? 2
Assisted Suicide 2
Be careful where you post certain humorous comments regarding certain things 2
Bio Weapons 2
Black face in the movies 2
Boxer drugged to do gay porn? 2
Civil Liberties 2
Companies that fire people based on shit like this 2
Cosby 2
Coughing like an asshole 2
Could I get caught in a twitter firestorm? 2
Dachau 2
Do I have to break out the characters? 2
Do I have to make the news? 2
Don't force it on the rest of us or your children 2
Don't tense up when facing an impact 2
Edinburgh University Life Society 2
Euthanasia, Animal 2
False religious hope 2
Father of ten 2
Fox loses World series feed 2
Funny or Die Video Archive 2
Gender non-specific person running down the street 2
Get the message of this movement and show out there 2
Girl picking cotton tweets stupidly 2
Greatest bit in the history of humanity 2
Has this show been good so far? 2
He also took the pill they gave him 2
He doesn't remember his gay threesome 2
He is a good decision maker 2
He responded to an anonymous Facebook user for this porn job 2
He survived 2
He's a mans man 2
Her apology is not valid until she says deeply and sincerely 2
Here I am 2
Higher Education 2
His friend noticed him in the gay porn 2
Hospice Care 2
How woman are treated around the world 2
Human Life Alliance 2
I can't focus this week 2
I can't understand why people that have heard this show think I've gone crazy 2
I don't have faith in fables 2
I don't know why I was just singing 2
I feel periscope is distracting 2
I have a headache 2
I have a problem with this 2
I have an itch in my ear 2
I have poor short term memory 2
I just play a random segment from an old show 2
I need a haircut 2
I need to shave 2
I start talking like a child 2
I stick my tongue out to them on the video because I'm a bad ass 2
I think I may be getting a cold 2
I think the medicine helped me 2
I'm a mess 2
I'm an idiot 2
I'm going to be committed 2
I'm lost SAVE me 2
I'm not a hateful person 2
I'm putting the hat on 2
I'm starting to sound like Christian Bale's Batman 2
I'm sure it wasn't meant in a hateful way 2
If I come into money that shit is getting fixed 2
If religion gives you personal comfort that's fine 2
Is this a live best of? 2
Is this a show? 2
It is okay to wear black make up if you are going as a black person for Halloween 2
It takes me a little while to get going with this show 2
It's a miserable day 2
Jazzed up 2
Judgement free zone 2
Last show on periscope 2
Lets come together twitter social justice warriors 2
Live on periscope 2
Living Wills 2
Look at how the Islamic world treats women and then try to be an Islamic apologist to me 2
Look it up yourself 2
Looking for an old bit to play 2
Making the magic happen or withering and dying 2
Man sleep walked off a cliff 2
Manscaping 2
Many of us are fed up with this kind of nonsense 2
Maybe I'll get an ear infection 2
McGinty podcast 2
Medical Services 2
Metropolitan 2
Mocking is different than wearing make up to look like a celebrity 2
Modern day racism witch hunt 2
Moral Values 2
Moving my feet around like a baby 2
Munich 2
Muslim truck driver sues beer company 2
My baseball predictions were way off 2
My name is not Mike McGinty show 2
My teeth suck 2
My thoughts on an afterlife 2
My tooth is bothering me 2
Negative things in this world that religion has brought us 2
New era of positivity 2
No good stories 2
No video for my last show 2
Not every white person is privileged 2
Not everyone who makes racial jokes is a racist 2
Not everything is a civil rights crusade 2
Now what!? 2
Oops? 2
Organ Donors 2
Over sensitive culture 2
Parents that let their child decide if she wants to go to the hospital or heaven 2
Parody of the most obnoxious parts of my personality? 2
Party Minsk 07/0707 2
People that don't understand the world buy into the white privilege lie 2
Persistent Vegetative State 2
Poor judgment 2
Provisions on religious freedom 2
Pushing down the Russian character 2
Putting the hat back on and seeing how it looks 2
Really stupid to post something like that on Twitter 2
Remember the positivity 2
SAD in the fall 2
SV40 2
Second half of the show better than the first 2
up-solid down-solid